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Katinka van der Merwe

Dr. Katinka van der Merwe

Dr. Katinka van der Merwe grew up in South Africa. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker College of chiropractic in 1999. Upon graduation, she set out to study cutting edge post graduate techniques that would allow her to treat the chronically and acutely ill without any hope. She has expanded her treatment expertise with course work in functional medicine and neurology, Quantum Neurology(TM) nerve rehabilitation, NRCT, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Biologic Medicine (under Thomas Rau M.D, the author of The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health) as well as nutrition.

Dr. Katinka lectures extensively to the public. She is a member of The Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a non- profit organization dedicated to informing the public about health alternatives. She also lectures to other health care physicians from across the country. Dr. Katinka is the author of “Taming the beast: A guide to conquering fibromyalgia” now available on Amazon and Amazon kindle and will also be featured in the upcoming book “Holographic Healers by Dr. George Gonzales.”

Dr. Katinka dedicated her career to informing and helping those who live with chronic daily pain, and those who have been told that hope is futile. In 2011, she received an award for her ongoing work with RSD/CRPS patients in Los Angeles. Dr. Katinka sees patients from all over the US at her Fayetteville, AR. clinic. She chose Northwest Arkansas for it’s natural beauty and expanding growth (it is where Walmart’s headquarters are located.) She is one of only three doctors in the world whom have trained in both the NRCT and Quantum Neurology (TM) techniques.

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